BakerRipley’s Caregiver Support Services provide family members of older adults or individuals with dementia a variety of services to help them take care of their loved ones and themselves. Below is a listing of current services.

One-on-One Consultation provides family members of older adults with telephone and in-person consultation about care
options and referrals to community services to address identified needs. Connect with someone here.

Caregiver Education Seminars are offered in a variety of locations across Houston and provide families with the information they need to better care for their loved ones. Check out the calendar of events for our latest offerings.

Stress Busting for Family Caregivers is a free nine-week program focused on education, support, and stress management using a holistic approach to address the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of caregivers. Check out the calendar of events for our latest offerings.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a free six-week series of classes that are offered to help caregivers build coping skills and
learn techniques for self-care that reduce the stress of caring for an older loved one. Check out the calendar of events for our latest offerings.

The Paul F. and Cathy Waldner Family Caregiver Resource Center houses a library of informational books and videos related to caregiving. Additionally, the space is available for family meetings or consultations.

Dementia Specific Support Group, offered in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association, provides an opportunity for caregivers to share their experiences with others in similar situations.

Houston Area Family Caregiver MeetUp Group is an online group for caregivers who want to connect with other caregivers
in a social, educational, and resource sharing capacity. Check out the group here.

Respite provided through our Home Care Services and Adult Day Center offers families a chance to take a break
from their caregiving role.